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Our unique mobile subscriptions ensure a win for you and the planet. Be better, do good, at UNDO!

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Measure your CO2 footprint

With our App you can measure the footprint of your data, calls and SMS, in real-time. Compensate your mobile CO2 footprint by supporting carbon removal and storage projects.

Make the planet better

As a new user you add 1 Acacia tree to the UNDO Forest for FREE! – a natural carbon sink! You can also support social initiatives that help improve the quality of life of the families that plant, maintain and protect our precious forest.

Easy and super fast switch

With our goal to be sustainable, UNDO offers the latest eSIM technology. Zero plastic cards, waiting for the post, or annoying store visits for SIM activation. 100% digital – 100% sustainable.
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Stable and seamless connectivity

UNDO uses ORANGE network, powered with electricity from renewable origin. This means you enjoy a sustainable top-performing 4G & 5G network across Belgium.

Our mobile subscriptions

20 GB                S

  • 500 minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 20 GB of data
  • 1 tree planted at activation

€ 14/month

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We offset 2 KG of CO2 for you, at no extra cost or effort.

30 GB              M

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 30 GB of data
  • 1 tree planted at activation

€ 18/month

I choose this subscription

We offset 4 KG of CO2 for you, at no extra cost or effort.

40 GB                L

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 40 GB of data
  • Each month, 1 tree planted

€ 24/month

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We offset 8 KG of CO2 for you, at no extra cost or effort.

What our users say about us

“The first sustainable mobile provider in Belgium”

That’s right UNDO is the first climate focused mobile provider in Belgium. Curious about our story?

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With the UNDO app your emissions are always under control

  • Measure your carbon footprint
  • Compensate your monthly CO2 KG to projects that you like
  • Support our social initiatives in the UNDO Forest
  • Manage your UNDO subscription and make changes easily
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Most frequently asked questions

More FAQ’s available here

  • Which network does UNDO use?

    UNDO uses the Orange network. There is nothing more annoying than a video that won’t load. Our SIM cards are equipped for 5G, both the eSIM and the traditional SIM card. Therefore, our users can rely on a strong and fast network in all regions.

  • How do I become an UNDO customer?

    Very simple! You can download our app and complete an order. You can also do this on our website if you login.

    You choose your subscription and add-ons and complete the order.

    And if you order an eSIM it will be activated already within the hour and you’ll be able to get started already immediately!

  • How can I transfer my actual phone number from another operator to UNDO?

    During your order you can fill out the details of your old operator and we’ll deal with the transfer of your number to UNDO. Make sure to fill in all fields and all information 100% correctly for a smooth number transfer.

  • How to activate an eSIM?

    Once you’ve ordered an eSIM you’ll receive an email with the installation procedure.
    Is this eSIM for another person? Then forward this email so it can be installed on his/her device.

    Follow these steps for the eSIM installation:
    – Scan the QR-code in the email with the camera of your device
    – Follow the steps and unblock your eSIM with the PIN-code in the email

    Please note that after scanning the QR-code and installing the profile you will receive a SMS once your eSIM has been activated.
    Important: DON’T delete the installed eSIM from your device because you can only install the QR-code once!

    Pay attention: if the installation with the above steps fails you can also activate it manually:
    – For Apple : go to “Settings” > “Cellular” > “Add Cellular Plan” > “Use QR-code” and complete the steps
    – For Android : 
       Go to Settings > Connections.
       Tap on SIM card manager.
       Select Add mobile plan.
       Navigate to Other ways to add plans.
       Choose Add using QR code.
       Scan the provided QR code.
       Follow on-screen prompts.

  • What is UNDO Removal?

    UNDO Removal aims at connecting the UNDO community to literally carbon removal technologies! In an attempt to balance the amount of carbon released due to human activity, these technologies ensure the removal of atmospheric carbon and long-term storage for over 100 years in different forms such as demolished concrete, or underground sequestration! One of the most critical challenges of the present day faced by such technology-driven projects is the high cost of project execution, which can be lowered by applying the principle of economies of scale. UNDO procures high-quality, certified REMOVAL credits from individual project developers across the globe. Projects are verified by independent 3rd party agencies and follow internationally recognized benchmarks and reporting standards such as Gold standard, Puro earth, and Verra. For users, UNDO removal is a way to choose projects of their choice and be carbon-neutral by compensating their emissions every month. You can use your CO2 KGs pre-included in your monthy subscription

  • What is UNDO Forest?

    UNDO Forest is a project that aims to create a natural carbon sink that will absorb and store carbon below the ground in soil. It’s 100% owned by UNDO. The project is being developed in the Democratic Republic of CONGO, near the town of Kinshasa. We work in collaboration with our partner IBI Village, which helps us with on-ground activities. The project aims to plant 25.000 trees in its 1st phase. The concept of agro farming is applied that ensure maximum utilization of the land and turn a dry Savannah into a habitat filled with Acacia, Corn, and Manioc. Every new subscription guarantees planting 1 tree but that is not it. Under the project, users can also support additional social initiatives by adding UNDO forest add-ons to their monthly subscriptions. This way the community not only helps the planet but also helps out the local population by providing employment, and aid, much like the UN sustainable goals.

    UNDO provides regular updates about the progress of the project and on ground activities via photos, videos, or even interviews of locals via our social media channels. Follow UNDO on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok to stay updated.

  • What are my carbon KGs?

    Just like GBs each UNDO subscription includes a certain amount KGs. Consider these as your personal emission credit that can be used to compensate your monthly emissions resulting from your smartphone use. You can find these KGs and projects in UNDO removal section Just log in to the application, assign KGs to the project you like and hit Compensate! This represents your support for the choice of projects and helps in connecting users directly to Projects at the tap of a screen.

    In case your emissions are higher than the available KGs you can purchase extra KGs. You can find these add-ons by tapping on ‘SHOW ME’ in ‘Your Tariff’ section via the mobile app or web. Your KGs that remain after compensation will be carried over and added to your available quota next month.

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