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Spoiler alert: because your phone consumes more CO2 than you think

Reality check incoming ...

If you use your smartphone every day, you emit an average of 60 kg CO₂ a year. That is about the same as the emissions caused by driving a car from Brussels to Amsterdam, and back. With UNDO you can compensate these emissions. We plant a tree for every new subscriber and you can support additional valuable projects, including several carbon removal technologies.

A customized subscription

Three different bundles, all with a positive impact

5 GB

Undo XS
€ 8/month
Most popular
250 minutes
100 SMS
1 KG of CO2 to compensate

+ 1 tree at activation

20 GB

Undo S
€ 14/month
500 minutes
100 SMS
2 KG of CO2 to compensate

+ 1 tree at activation

30 GB

Undo M
€ 18/month
Unlimited minutes
100 SMS
4 KG of CO2 to compensate

+ 1 tree at activation

40 GB

Undo L
€ 24/month
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited SMS
8 KG of CO2 to compensate

+ 1 Tree planted each month

A sustainable mobile provider

For those who love the planet as much as they love their phone


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