Contract summary

This contract summary provides the main elements of this service offer as required by the EU law[1]. It helps to make comparison between service offers. Complete information about the service is provided in other documents.

1. Services and equipment

Mobile Services: 1 to 6 mobile numbers per Customer

Call minutes*250500UnlimitedUnlimited
Text messages*100100100Unlimited
Data*5 GB20 GB20 GB40 GB

Belgium and EU: excluding calls/SMS to special or premium numbers, excluding international calls/SMS from Belgium to other countries, excluding MMS.

EU = European Union countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and the United Kingdom.

*After using the minutes/messages/data included in the mobile plan, additional charges shall apply as per the tariffs.


[1] Article 102 (3), of Directive (UE) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018 establishing the European Electronic Communications Code (OJ L 321, 17.12.2018, p.36)

2. Speeds of the internet service and remedies

Mobile internet access*Estimated maximum speed**Estimated maximum speed**Estimated maximum speed**Estimated maximum speed**
Download272 Kbps42 Mbps400 Mbps400 Mbps
Upload272 Kbps5,44 Mbps100 Mbps100 Mbps

* Subject to compatible terminal and subscription
** The “estimated maximum speed” is the maximum speed that users can expect to achieve at different locations in the coverage area under realistic conditions. This maximum value results from measurements on the whole national territory and might vary depending on the selected compatible tariff plan, the device performance and your location during the use of the service. 5G being under deployment, the speed estimation is based on limited data.

If despite a normal use, the service quality of the Internet service presents a continuous or recurrent discrepancy in comparison with the estimated maximum speed, the consumer can lodge a complaint with the Customer service.

3. Price

8,00 €14,00 €18,00 €24,00 €
Additional charges when exceeding mobile plan
Voice (Min)Text (SMS)Data (MB)
0,10 €0,05 €0,01 €

Roaming tariffs outside EU and international tariffs:


  • Unlimited SMS: € 3,00/month
  • Data Extra: 5 GB at € 10,00/month

4. Duration, renewal and termination

Undefined term. Termination, in writing, at any time and free of charge.

5. Features for end-users with disabilities

Detailed information on adapted solutions:

6. Other relevant information

Prices and descriptions under reserve of errors, of any applicable promotion and subject to change. Only the prices in force at the time of subscription to the concerned service, product or option have contractual value.