Belgiums only sustainable mobile subscriptions

Find the mobile subscription that best suits you and helps make the world a better place by:

  • Removing CO2
  • Planting a tree
  • Supporting the locals
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Our mobile subscriptions

20 GB               S

  • 500 minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 20 GB of data
  • 1 tree planted at activation

€ 14/month

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We offset 2 KG of CO2 for you, at no extra cost or effort.

30 GB              M

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 30 GB of data
  • 1 tree planted at activation

€ 18/month

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We offset 4 KG of CO2 for you, at no extra cost or effort.

40 GB               L

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 40 GB of data
  • Each month, 1 tree planted

€ 24/month

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We offset 8 KG of CO2 for you, at no extra cost or effort.

Why choose an UNDO subscription

“Easy switch with eSIM”

As a sustainable mobile provider we are proud to offer our users the 100% digital eSIM. This means no plastic cards, emissions linked to logistics, or going to the nearest store for activation. At UNDO you can order and activate your eSIM within 2 hours! Learn more about eSIM

“Decarbonize the planet”

UNDO subscriptions also ensure that you consume consciously. Each subscription includes a certain amount of CO2 credits (KGs) to make sure you stay carbon neutral. Your act of compensation helps mobilize much needed climate finance for emerging technologies that are trying to solve the climate challenge.

“Enable social inclusion”

UNDO also supports social initiatives for the locals of the UNDO Forest. The community consists of workers from the near by villages and their families. Our unique add-ons you purchase, allow to improve IBI Village locals lives. Learn more about UNDO social initiatives

Customize your subscription with add-ons

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we created these add-ons to tailor your subscription to your specific needs and preferences.

Need extra GB and SMS ?

Unlimited SMS

€ 3,00/month

5 GB data

€ 10,00/month

Need extra CO2 KGs to compensate your monthly emissions ?

2 KG CO2

€ 1,00/month

5 KG CO2

€ 2,00/month

10 KG CO2

€ 3,50/month

Want to support UNDO social initiatives ?



School renovation


Medical Aid


Doctor visit


Farm tools


Biodiversity – Beehive


Grow 1 tree


Grow 3 trees


Price list

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Price list



From the first second of your call, you pay per second


An SMS counts a maximum of 160 characters. When that amount is exceeded, the following characters automatically count as a new SMS message


For each mobile data session, you pay per kB consumed from the first kB

The unlimited bundles is exclusively reserved for personal and private use.
The normal usage conditions are: maximum 10000 minutes and/or 10000 SMS per month

Want to call international or in roaming ?

Stay connected, wherever you go with UNDO’s international and roaming tariffs.
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Frequently asked questions

More FAQ’s available here

  • How do I become an UNDO customer?

    Very simple! You can download our app and complete an order. You can also do this on our website if you login.

    You choose your subscription and add-ons and complete the order.

    And if you order an eSIM it will be activated already within the hour and you’ll be able to get started already immediately!

  • How can I transfer my actual phone number from another operator to UNDO?

    During your order you can fill out the details of your old operator and we’ll deal with the transfer of your number to UNDO. Make sure to fill in all fields and all information 100% correctly for a smooth number transfer.

  • When does my invoice start?

    Your subscription starts on the day your number was activated. You’ll receive your 1st invoice at the start of the next month on which you’ll be charged partially for this month (from the day of your SIM card activation) as well as for the next month. 

  • Why choose an eSIM?

    An eSIM is a digital SIM card, the successor to a traditional physical SIM card. At UNDO, you don’t pay any costs for this type of SIM card. Thanks to an eSIM, you can start surfing, calling and texting within minutes after you ordered. Note: not all phones support an eSIM. Devices that do, also offer room for a physical SIM card. With such a Dual SIM device, you kill two birds with one stone. You can use two numbers, and therefore two subscriptions. Compared to a traditional physical SIM card, an eSIM has many advantages:

    • You can easily switch between 2 numbers if you have a Dual SIM.
    • So you decide for example which number you call with, and which number you surf with.
    • Outside the EU, you can easily use a local SIM card.
    • Smartphone lost or stolen? Then activate a new eSIM in 1-2-3 in your replacement device.
    • No need to change physical SIM cards anymore.
    • You choose a more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • How to buy an eSIM?

    During the onboarding you can simply choose if you want a eSIM or a physical normal SIM.

  • How to activate an eSIM?

    Once you’ve ordered an eSIM you’ll receive an email with the installation procedure.
    Is this eSIM for another person? Then forward this email so it can be installed on his/her device.

    Follow these steps for the eSIM installation:
    – Scan the QR-code in the email with the camera of your device
    – Follow the steps and unblock your eSIM with the PIN-code in the email

    Please note that after scanning the QR-code and installing the profile you will receive a SMS once your eSIM has been activated.
    Important: DON’T delete the installed eSIM from your device because you can only install the QR-code once!

    Pay attention: if the installation with the above steps fails you can also activate it manually:
    – For Apple : go to “Settings” > “Cellular” > “Add Cellular Plan” > “Use QR-code” and complete the steps
    – For Android : 
       Go to Settings > Connections.
       Tap on SIM card manager.
       Select Add mobile plan.
       Navigate to Other ways to add plans.
       Choose Add using QR code.
       Scan the provided QR code.
       Follow on-screen prompts.