Account Deletion


For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:


Means the UNDO Mobile app


Means a unique user identity that UNDO provides as a user-facing feature to serve you across its App and its website’s user portal. The Account allows you to access UNDO’s Services through an authentication mechanism. Creating an Account is required to purchase a Subscription and use any of UNDO’s Services


Means the telecommunications services provided to you by UNDO, as specified in UNDO’s General Terms and Conditions


Means the price formula whereby a contract between you and UNDO is concluded for the provision of the Services


Means UNDO srl, with registered office at Chaussée de La Hulpe 177, Box 11, B-1170 Brussels, and company number 0788.352.652


You have the option to delete your Account and associated data stored in UNDO’s databases or to simple delete your App.

App Deletion

You can delete the App at any time from your phone. The deletion of the App means that the data related to the usage of the App will be deleted, such as App usage duration, mobile device information, authentication information, password, biometric data such as fingerprint and face recognition, etc.

The deletion of the App does not entail the deletion of your Account nor the personal data associated with your Account, such as your name, address, phone number, financial and payment information, or mobile data and calling/SMS consumption information.

After deletion of your App, you will still be able to authenticate and access your Account through another device or UNDO’s website.

Account Deletion

Before requesting the deletion of your Account, it is necessary to terminate your Subscription in accordance with our Terms and Conditions under Article 3.2.

To access the section for Account deletion on the App, go to “My account” on and log in through the authentication process. Click on More/Settings/Account settings/Delete account and proceed to confirm the choice. This way you will immediately provide the system with the input for deleting your Account.

To delete your Account from the reserved area of the website, it is necessary to send a request to and express your decision for deletion.

Please note that your choice will be implemented and your associated data will be deleted upon deletion of your Account, unless otherwise required by law or for the purpose of defending UNDO’s interests in court – in which case we will apply the retention periods stipulated in our Privacy policy under Article 7. This may include your name, address, data or calling/SMS consumption, financial and payment information, data mandatorily kept available to national and/or international public authorities for purposes of justice or national and/or international security, or mandatorily and specifically kept in storage following precise provisions and measures notified to UNDO by the same authorities.

Except for such instances, the deletion of your Account entails the erasure of all your data, therefore partial deletion is not possible.

In case your data has been shared with third parties, UNDO will request the deletion of your data stored by those third parties.

Please refer to our Privacy policy for more information on the right to data erasure under Article 9.3.