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The mobile operator committed to preserving the planet

Actually, it's quite simple
With UNDO, you can continue to use your smartphone as you do now, but in a climate-neutral way. How we do that? By compensating the CO2 emissions caused by your phone use. This makes UNDO the first climate focused mobile operator in Belgium.

Our values
How do we nurture our climate focus?

Our mission
Our mission
We believe it's about time for companies to move away from the traditional way of thinking that focuses on maximising profits. We want to look at all parties involved and consider people and planet in the first place. In addition to being a mobile provider, UNDO wants to be a lifestyle brand. We want to make people aware of the CO2 emissions of their smartphone use and help them reduce their ecological footprint
Our brand
Our brand
We see ourselves not only as a brand for mobile services, but also as a lifestyle brand focused on reversing the impact on the climate and the environment as a result of our daily actions. We carry our values not only in the projects you can support or the fact that we plant trees, but also our business practices are in line with our vision
At UNDO, we work completely digitally. We have paperless services and a paperless office. Oh, wait! We don't even have an office. All that to save CO2 and costs in general
Our goal of keeping our impact as low as possible extends to our corporate identity and eco-design. We chose colors that are low in screen energy consumption. This combined with a pixel-based imagery ensures minimal energy consumption when loading the website and app
We had a dream...
...that came true
The start of a big project
People are increasingly aware of their responsibility towards the planet. Yet only a small minority in Belgium effectively manage to put that environmental awareness into practice. The reason? An environmentally conscious lifestyle is often seen as expensive and inconvenient.
New hope
UNDO dreamed about giving everyone the opportunity to contribute to global challenges such as climate change. We firmly believed that we could count on the goodwill of people when we gave them a simple way to switch to a sustainable lifestyle.
Powerful story
With UNDO's story, we want to make people aware of the CO2 emissions from their day-to-day activities, such as texting or making phone calls. We want to explain how they can switch to a sustainable and impactful lifestyle, without affecting their wallet. This is how we help our users reduce their carbon footprint with small steps.
Let's UNDO together
UNDO wants to create a community that makes conscious environmental and social choices. Join UNDO to help fight climate change, plant a forest, and remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

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